Meditation-It can make miracles in students

Meditation is practiced by all age group around the word this is the method of health practice which does not have any side effect. So then why cant practice regular meditation for students.
There are numerous benefits associated with meditation within students and some I have complied below.


1. IQ levels

Most dramatic increases occur in creative thinking, practical intelligence, and IQ as measured by the ability of mind to think.

2. Reduce Academic pressure

Students who practice meditation feel lower levels of academic.They also have better concentration, more alertness, and greater resistance this helps during test.

3. Raise achievement

Meditating students reflects improved academic performance and help them to improve  subject score.

4. Increase focus

Mind calm down during meditation this triggers a positive chain reaction where an improved ability to focus better and results in increased brain processing and impart new skill.

5. Enhance Brain  efficiency

Not only does meditating make the brain more focused graduate students who took up meditation were found to have changes in the function of brain cells which regulates emotions and behavior, also these changes lead to better intellectual improvement.

6. Lower in depression and anxiety

Doing meditation leads to significant reductions in depressive symptoms, a study performed among non controlled and meditative students where in control group effectiveness enhance by 45%.

7. Kills addiction of drugs and alcohol

Every one wants to enjoy their life but addictions  of any type lowers efficiency
Regular meditation practice reduces drugs, alcohol, and junk even food addiction.

8. Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases

Smongoing studies shows that regular meditation practice helps students to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and depression and enhance heart function at optimal level.

9. Happier, more confident students

Last but definitely not least — research finds that students who meditate daily get higher scores on affectivity, self-esteem, and emotional competence. 


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