Sawan 2020- Month belongs to lord Mahadev

Sawan month is first Monday on Sawan month.
This auspicious day starts today and ends on 3rd of August.

 This month correspond to monsoon season in India where farmers are busy in fields and mans and womens observers vrats and offers puja to lord Shiva.

In mythology it says at this day Lord Shiva had chosen Parvati ji  as his wife and that's why month belongs to Shiv and Parvati.

Important Dates 

July 6First Shravan Somwar (First Monday and the first day of Shravan)
July 13Second Shravan Somwar
July 20Third Shravan Somwar
July 27Fourth Shravan Somwar
August 3Fifth Shravan Somwar (last Somwar and the last day of the month)


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